jQuery 1.7 Released with HTML5 Supports

jQuery 1.7 has been released, with improvements such as new Event APIs, Better performance , HTML5 support for IE6-8 and more. Some old features are also deprecated.

Some major improvements in the new release -

  • New Unified Event APIs – .on() and .off() . So there’s no need to use bind(), delegate() or the older live() .
  • Improved Performance on Delegated Events for most common cases.
  • Better What if I do stay away from the buy-detox.com and crack, will I finally be okay?The answer is yes, bud the time it takes to finally be okay is a matter of months and even years. support for HTML5 tags in IE6-8 such as

    with methods like .html(). You’ll still require the html5shiv or Modernizer in those browsers.
  • Toggling animations such as .slideToggle() or .fadeToggle() work more intuitively – stacked animations get reset properly when previous animation is terminated prematurely.
  • The Callbacks() object returns a multi-purpose object used to manage callback lists.
  • New isNumeric() function which returns true if a value is a number.

All these new features are explained in detail along with the entire list of bug fixes on the official blog post.

Play framework 2 preview is here

Play is an elegant Java web framework heavily inspired by Ruby on Rails and Django. Play leverages the power of Java to build web applications in an environment that is not Java Enterprise Edition-centric. By lifting away the Java EE constraints, Play provides developers with an easy-to-develop and elegant stack aimed at productivity. Although Play applications are designed to be run using casino online Slot Machines the in-built JBoss Netty web server, they can also be packaged as WAR files to be distributed to standard Java EE application servers.

With V2 Scala is now a First Class Citizen. The framework core is completely rewritten in Scala and Templates is using Scala instead of Groovy. Play is now more Asynchronous and directly support
HTML5 Web Sockets. Other features includes a new simple Build System, more Type safety, Model and Datastore integration, support for No-SOL DBMS etc. Get it here.

Definitions of Designations

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Difference Between Friday and Monday

WindowBuilder and Egit in Eclipse 3.7 (Indigo)

Eclipse 3.7 codename indigo is here with tons of new features. The release consists of approximately 46 million lines of code from 408 individual developers. There are a number of significant additions, however, two features worthy of note WindowBuilder and Egit.

WindowBuilder is a GUI designer for Swing SWT. WindowBuilder was a commercial tool by Instantations. Last year Google acquired acquired and donated the code to Eclipse Foundation. Google has continued to actively develop the project since opening the source code.

WindowBuilder supports netbeans download free action game matisse like drag-and-drop visual interface design. It has a clever bi-directional code generation feature that allows it to interoperate with hand-edited user interface code.

WindowBuilder is not part of standard eclipse distribution. You need to add this update site to Eclipse. http://download.eclipse.org/windowbuilder/WB/release/R201106211200/3.7/.

Egit 1.0 is part of standard eclipse distribution bringing much-needed out-of-the-box support for the popular git distributed version control system. EGit built on top of the JGit library.

Firefox 5 is Here

After there months of Firefox 4 was released Mozilla just released Firefox 5. They are now following Chrome like releasing date. features includes CSS 3 animations, Improved JavaScript performance, Faster browsing, Default Web Socket online slots enabled. Some add-ons like online casino australia Firebug, Web Developer are working fine online casino canada but not all. This is a short period release so add-ons developer need some time to upgrade. I think as Mozilla now following short term release they must think about add-on backward compatibility. Get it from here.

Integrate Java and .Net on Cloud

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  • Intra-cloud, where both platforms reside in the same cloud, either in the same or in different instances
  • Inter-cloud, where the instances belong to different clouds
  • Ground-to-cloud and cloud-to-ground, where the interoperability is between a cloud instance and an application running on the ground.

JNBridgePro 6.0 will be generally available on June 6, 2011.

JavaFX 2.0 Beta Released

JavaFX 2.0 beta is now available. It”s now possible to use Java language to develop JavaFX application with the brand new Java APIs for JavaFX. You can also use other JVM language like JRuby and Scala. Other panniekazino.com new features pokies online includes a new graphics and media engine. A new control for embedding Web Browser inside your application based on Web-kit rendering engine. Get it from here

John Resig Leaves Mozilla

jQuery creator John Resig has announced that he will no longer be part of Mozilla. He plans to casinos continue his involvement with the dgfev online casino jQuery project, and focusing on new challenges. Take a look on his Blog

jQuery 1.6 Released

jQuery 1.6 has just been released with several performance and cross-browser compatibility improvements and major rewrite of the Attribute module.

Some major improvements in the new release -

  • Better performance of attr(), val() and data() methods.
  • Support for Boolean attributes in attr() method.
  • Hooks added to allow extensibility for attr() and be een ruime keuze aan Blackjack- casino spellen met verschillende inzetniveaus, een verschillend aantal sets speelkaarten en hier en daar wat andere spelregels. val() methods.
  • map() method adds support for objects (to map properties of a JavaScript object to a function).
  • Ability to update CSS using relative values (“ =”, “-=”)

All these new features are explained in detail along with the entire list of bug fixes on the official blog post.